Summary - This blog gives you information about the different ways to cheat smartly without getting caught!... Carefully read it to get the exact idea about the best ways to cheat on a test.


Cheating is not a good practice; a saying is, “Cheaters may prosper for a moment, but they will never truly succeed.” However, doing it sometimes may be okay, being a student. However, it can be dangerous if caught in your exam; you can be expelled, and it will hamper your future career development. You are one of those who is very lazy, unprepared, and cannot crack exams easily. Here are some best ways to cheat on a test without getting caught. 

Tips: Not to Get Caught in an Exam While Cheating

  1. Cheatsheet – An old method of cheating smartly

You may be suboptimally prepared when your exam is knocking at the door. It would help if you thought of an alternative way to crack your exam easily to get better scores or pass it. This cheat sheet method is among the best ways to cheat on a test: you can keep your notes behind your calculator or file board.

Alt & Title: Cheatsheet – An old method of cheating smartly
  1. Notes inside the bottle wrapper – A cunning way to cheat without getting caught

Carrying a water bottle is of utmost need when you are heading to give a test. You can keep some notes inside your bottle wrapper, and the teacher won’t mark you! This method is among the easy ways to cheat on a test.

Notes inside the bottle wrapper
  1. Earpiece – Fashion on Trend to cheat on a test

Due to today’s digital era, most students need an earpiece for mobile communication. If you are allowed to take a Bluetooth earpiece in the exam hall, you can connect your Bluetooth earpiece to your phone. You can then hear your recorded answers and lectures. This method is among the best ways to cheat on a test.

Fashion on Trend to cheat on a test
  1. Temporary tattoo

This can be among the best ways to cheat on a test;  know why? Because most students love this cheating method: it’s easy and not time-consuming. Use some ink and write your notes on your forearm. Just stretch your forearm and look at the notes to get your answers. This method can work great if you wear a sweatshirt or long-sleeve shirt to hide your temporary ink tattoo.

Temporary tattoo
  1. Text from a friend

Follow this strategy cunningly and smartly to avoid getting caught.

This method can be dangerous; when doing this, be very careful. Though there is more chance of getting caught, take help from your friend who can correctly message the answers from your lecture notes to your mobile device based on the questions you give. 

Text from a friend
  1. Mechanical pencil tricks

This is the most brilliant tip: insert your notes into a mechanical pencil. Roll them appropriately to fit them into the mechanical pencil. You can remove the eraser from the mechanical pencil to get the rolled notes.

Mechanical pencil tricks
  1. Online writing assistance

This method is the best way to cheat on a test, especially for an essay test. Using Google, search for a company that offers essay writing services and can complete your essay within your deadline; inform them about your essay topic, length, and duration of your essay test. The company you select will write the essay for you in a better, proper way. What matters is how you communicate with the chosen essay-writing service provider during your essay exam. 

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  1. Smartwatch: Among the best ways to cheat on a test

Now, most students prefer to wear smartwatches. If you like wearing this gadget, it is pretty cool! You can write your answers in the form of notes on your smartphone. Using a text-reader app in your smartwatch, you can access – using Bluetooth – your notes stored in your smartphone;  your smartwatch must be Bluetooth compatible. So, you can easily fool your examiner by showing them that you are just checking the time. Is this the best way to cheat on online tests?

Among the best ways to cheat on a test
  1. Google it!!!

You have your handy smartphone to open your mobile web browser. You can then search Google, i.e., – for answers on your smartphone by using it discreetly. Need to know how to cheat for a test while using a Google browser? You know it now.

Google it
  1. The band-aid strategy

You take your notes on a piece of paper. Tuck it inside your band-aid. Smartly pull out your band-aid and read the note. And have a quick answer if your teacher asks, like,” I am just opening it to let in air.” 

The band-aid strategy


Honesty is always the best policy So, always practice good habits. For example, always get prepared before your exams; never try cheating in exams because it’s not good practice. In some exceptional cases, however, you can use these best ways to cheat on a test. Remember: Cheaters never prosper! But what is the best way to cheat on a test? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Is cheating on a test good or bad?

Cheating in a test can hamper your career. Never make it a practice; it is a bad practice. You can use our 10 best ways to cheat on a test only in some cases.

Q.2. What are the different ways to cheat on tests?

Some of the many methods one can use to cheat on tests:  

  • The band-aid strategy
  • Using a Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch 
  • Using an online writing assistance service 
  • Receiving texts from a friend
Q.3. How can one use a cheat sheet for cheating on a test?

An old method: keep your notes behind your calculator or file board.

Q.4. Is there any risk when adopting our 10 best ways to cheat in a test?

 Of course, there is a risk. Using our tips smartly and carefully can prevent you from getting caught. 

Q.5. What is the band-aid strategy?

This method is the best way to cheat on a test; tuck your notes under your band-aid. 

Q.6. Can one trust these cheating strategies?

It is impossible to answer this question; nothing is trustworthy, so if you are smart enough to handle the risks involved, go ahead.

Q.7. What are the consequences of cheating on a test?

There are severe consequences when you get caught: you can be debarred or expelled from your exam. 

Q.8. Can one score better while cheating?

Yes. In some cases, one can score better. But cheating should not be made a habit. 

Clarice Atwood