Do you want to know “how to cheat on a proctored exam”? Many colleges are now conducting exams online, which students may find an easy way to cheat. Hence, many educational institutions use proctored software to monitor exams and prevent cheating. 

Though we do not encourage cheating, some loopholes let students cheat in proctored exams. And this post will highlight some areas of improvement. But first, let’s understand how proctored works.

Why is it hard to cheat on proctored exams?

Why is it hard to cheat on proctored exams?

Many students think that they know how to cheat on a proctored exam. But cheating in the proctored exam is too difficult, so students often take Online Class Help. It is because a remote human monitor or a specialized AI-based proctoring software guarantees the integrity of online tests for academic institutions, unlike traditional exams, which a human observer monitors. 

The proctored tools have various security measures to free the exam process from cheating. Here are a few methods to denote how to cheat on a proctored exam:

  • Before the exam or after they have finished it, students may need to submit photos. 
  • Proctors will look for any oddities in test takers’ faces and their environs and try to figure out if the students attempt to cheat. 
  • Confirms the test taker’s identification and eliminates any irregular behavior.
  • Remotely proctored exam tool ensures the applicant shares a screen with audio and video footage before the exam starts. 

You must be a tech nerd if you want to cheat on proctored online tests. But as said, cheating on proctored exams is possible, just like finding the Apex Learning Answers is easy. But to trick the proctored system, you need to be clever. 

On online proctoring exams, there are many ways for students to cheat. So, let’s look at some of them.

How to cheat on a proctored exam?

Before discussing how to cheat on a proctored exam, let’s restate that we refrain from recommending cheating for students to succeed in exams. Though it can help in momentary academic success, professional advancement, in the long run, is more important and beneficial. 

Now, look at the following tricks on how to cheat on a proctored exam.


It is the most prevalent form of cheat in an exam. The proctored tool cannot detect it because most online systems only perform identification and verification before and not during the exam. It is like committing an impersonation crime during an online test. Students can ask someone else to take a test on their behalf. It is one of the staple procedures on how to cheat on a proctored exam.

Screen sharing

Allows students to carry out an online exam using multiple monitors. Candidates for online classes can use many monitors because they can take an exam from various remote places. Some students view the test questions on one monitor while the other replicates the primary monitor’s content. It lets the student’s friend view the exam questions simultaneously and provides solutions. Instead of cheating, you can refer to Hawks Learning Answers for an A+ grade on the exam.

Using the old-school method

Some students may wonder how “old-school methods” can help with how to cheat on a proctored exam. Here, it refers to using traditional cheating methods, such as note-taking on paper, etc. Likewise, sticky notes work well for this purpose. But a better way is to refer to Edmentum Answers

With old-school methods of cheating, you must exercise caution. AI-assisted remote test proctoring systems now use facial recognition. It verifies student IDs and examines other elements, including head movement and improper facial expressions that may change when referring to sticky notes.

Virtual machine to cheat

When using a virtual machine, you leverage settings that simulate a computer. While proctoring software monitors the device’s primary operating system (OS), some students allow a virtual machine as an additional OS to look up the test question’s answers. Since it takes specific expertise in technology, this is a unique and less common approach to cheating in a proctored exam.

An online search for answers

Students find online search is the easiest way to find solutions. To find the answer, you may open a tab on a different computer or phone and go directly to Google or look it up in your teacher’s study tools. Alternatively, you can use an online study plan template as an online study tool for better managing your answers. You need to gain detailed, in-depth knowledge before using the process. If you are ignorant, the system may detect you using this trick.

Using a keyboard shortcut to cheat

Another typical method of cheating on a proctored test is to use a keyboard. Students find using the keyboard shortcut pretty straightforward and less physically demanding than using a copy-paste of the answers into a notepad or document. 

Before the exam, keep a separate browser open to deceive a remote proctor. The keypad may help open different screens. If you use an anonymous or incognito approach, the proctoring software will not identify the keys you tap.

Right solutions hacking

Students can hack the correct answers to the multiple-choice questions if they are adept at programming and coding. The instructor can administer the test using specialized software that renders the exam questions as code and recognizes the correct answers using 0s and 1s. The rest of the answers are as coding text.

Citing poor internet connectivity excuses

The “lousy connection” justification is a popular cheat method. Students can log out, stating poor internet connectivity, view the solutions, check out from the browser, and log back in. Explain why you needed a good internet link when you returned. But be careful not to rest for too long.

Handy water breaks

Although water jugs might seem like innocuous items, they are not when a skilled deceiver uses them. They are not! Some students can use the bottle’s lid to create a cheat sheet. In a proctored exam, the tactic might be effective. However, to avoid getting caught, be aware of your facial expressions.

Family & friends

Getting help from friends and family when taking exams at home is much simpler. They can view the questions and check the solutions online while sitting beside the examinee in the same room.

Academic dishonesty is still a significant issue in traditional and online learning settings. And aside from imitation, the tactics mentioned above may risk you of being caught. Therefore, students can use impersonation to seek specialists’ help rather than taking the risk of cheating.

The steps are easy to follow. The professionals will handle your test after you submit your login information. They will also be reliable because they have much experience handling examinations and tasks for academic courses. Feel free to get in touch with us to know the future of online class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Can Proctored tool detect phones?

No. Phones are not detectable by Proctors, but the camera will reveal if you are looking down or to the side to use a phone.

Q.2. Can Proctored see through my camera?

Proctorio tracks your behavior during tests using the Internet, your computer’s camera, and your microphone. You must use a separate machine with these features if yours lacks a webcam, microphone, or Internet connection.

Q.3. Who is monitoring your exam?

A distant human proctor or specialized AI-based proctoring software can ensure the legitimacy of online tests in contrast to traditional exams, which a human observer typically observes.

Q.4. Can proctored exam hear you?

The newest development in proctoring equipment is called audio proctoring.

Using the microphone on a test-taker, audio proctoring software can quickly detect minor details like whispers, low sound levels, stammering, and other irregularities.

Q.5. Does the proctor tool record your face?

The proctoring software monitors your computer and any open apps while you take the test. The software also records your webcam’s voice and video.

Q.6. Can Proctorio see sticky notes?

Proctorio does not identify students’ sticky notes. A camera cannot see the sticky notes on a student’s computer monitor.

Q.7. Can you open other tabs while in Proctorio?

The proctored system does not permit you to open any new tab or window during the exam.

Clarice Atwood