Frequently Asked Questions

We know your queries will never end! Our FAQ part will try to answer some of the students’ most common questions. Contact our customer service on for more information.

General Questions

How can I make my online class better?

The learning and teaching methods have changed in the last few years. Online classes are an essential part of the online education system. However, students need to treat online classes just like conventional classrooms to perform better. Try to build personal relations with students and tutors. Use online study materials and resources and plan out a proper learning schedule. Familiarize yourself with the online platform and actively engage yourself with every online session. In case of any academic query, ask your tutors; you can even clear your doubts after the online session. Visit for the best online class assistance.  

What are the benefits of online classes?

The best part of the online class is that you can pursue any course from any recognized university in the country in the comfort of home. Online classes are convenient, and you can plan your own schedule that offers lots of flexibility to students. Online classes make students more responsible and provide an excellent opportunity to learn time management skills. Besides, online courses help meet interesting people and give the students real-world skills. If you face any difficulty in your online classes, please visit

how to help students in teaching an online class?

The entire journey starts with the basics! Keep the things more precise clear. Besides that, teachers also need to participate in online classes with the learner’s mindset. Both teachers and students should treat the online classes as convention classrooms. Online classes offer innovative ways to connect with tutors and fellow students. Make use of all the technology that comes with online education. Be part of amazing holistic learning. If you face any difficulty, is just a few clicks away.

Are online classes easier?

There are various benefits of online classes. The students can easily fill in their schedules in the online classes. The best part is anyone can attend the online courses in the comfort of home. Be it a mother, professional father, or student who wants to gain a specific degree. Another benefit of the online classes is you can enroll yourself in any course and any educational institution, which is not always possible with traditional learning. Online classes save your commute time and money. However, as an online learner, you need to actively engage yourself in the online course to gather the maximum benefits.

How does this actually work? / What’s the process?

Our platform is the leading online class help platform. We offer academic help to the students like homework help, assignment help, essay writing, quizzes, and even online classes for you. Our amazing platform staffs professional tutors having decades of experience in their subjects. You just need to mention your academic requirements on our platform. We will come up with the most reasonable price quotes. Once you are satisfied with our pricing, our expert tutors will start working for you and provide every quality academic help to improve your grades.

I have a test that’s due tonight! Can you help me out?

Our professional tutors are always available for you, even in rush hours. We will assign the best tutor suited for you to take your online test due tonight or the next day. You just need to mention your exam details on our platform and leave the rest with us. You can enjoy your time with your friends or family or enjoy weekends without any stress. Our amazing platform is popular to take online exams in rush hours. We are equipped with everything that is required to make your academics smooth. Please connect with our friendly customer executives if you have any further queries. They are always ready to resolve even the weirdest query with a smile on their face. 

How can I improve my class?

Actively engage yourself in your online classes, and you can do this once you understand your online learning portal entirely. Make use of your online course material and connect with fellow students and tutors to have an engaging learning experience. However, various students are unable to find time for online courses. Some students even don’t want to take the online tests because of other commitments. If you face such issues, visit and mention your academic requirements. Our management team will assign the best-suited tutor to provide you with the required academic help.  


Can I take my college classes online?

You can avail the best online class service in a few simple steps. Fill up the form on our platform mentioning your academic requirements. Our management time will offer you the most affordable rates. Make the payments, and our management will assign the best tutor to take your college class online.

Can online exams cheat?

Online exams use powerful tools and modern techniques to avoid any kind of cheating. No use of online exams if they don’t maintain academic integrity. Instead of wasting your time searching for online exam hacks, focus on your studies. If you need the best online exam help, visit our platform and mention your exam details.

Is it wrong to do homework in bed?

Homework assignments are given to analyze students’ understanding of the particular topic. Besides that, it improves your various soft skills like – independent thinking, time management and enhanced aptitude. Doing homework in bed may make you lose your focus. Always create a proper space at home dedicated to completing a homework assignment.

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